A Return to Our Roots

We founded JDJ in 2001 as an independent company so we could focus on providing our clients unsurpassed service and guidance. While we've grown and evolved through the years, including partnering with Rothstein Kass Family Office Group for the past two years, we believe our future success, and yours, will come from returning to our roots. That is why we are so proud and excited to announce the formation of JDJ Family Office Services.

Returning to the independent model of which we were founded will allow us to be more nimble, more able to customize services to meet your needs and help you make vital decisions quickly and intelligently.

While this is big news for us, for you, it will continue to be business as usual. We are retaining our entire staff, range of services and the quality guidance you have trusted for over a decade.

We will continue to achieve success in the same way you have: through hard work, independent thinking and maintaining exacting standards.

Our Services

  • Personal Accounting and Net Worth Reporting
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Planning
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Bill Paying
  • Trust and Estate Administration
  • Tax Planning and Preparation Assistance
  • Risk Management
  • Lifestyle Management
"We are thrilled to announce the launch of JDJ Family Office Services. JDJ offers an independent service platform that is well-positioned to provide the high quality, customized services our clients and advisors have grown to expect. We look forward to strengthening and expanding partnerships with our clients and professional advisors."
- Jamie
Jamie, Doreen, Steve

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